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Jill Valentine Anni Sonohara
C Viper Anni Sonohara
Wild Animal Baby Cream the Rabbit
Fluffy Pom Pom

Animated Cartoons Features & TV Voice Work:

DIGIMON Sparrowman ABC / Fox Family
CURSE OF CHUCKY 2013 Sweet Chucky Doll Universal 1440 Ent.
JUNGLE MASTER Ilene Hippo Animation
FALLING SKIES Braden Little Orbit and Verite Films
LEGO FRIENDS Stephanie & Lacy Lego
JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! Spoof Segment VO's Jackhole Productions/ ABC
HOP Fluffy The Pink Beret Illumination Ent/Universal
WILD ANIMAL BABY EXPLORERS Skip The Rabbit, Sally Salamander National Wildlife Federation/Pbs
RESPECT THE POUCH Luna Balloona Capri Sun
PIDDLEY POM Pom Pom GIMC Animation
LITTLE NICK Nick’s Mom Dubbing Brothers
DURARARA Anri Sonoara Sony Aniplex/Cartoon Network
SECRETS OF THE MASTERS Village Bunny Dreamworks
GURREN LAGGAN Yoko Aniplex/Sci Fi Network
KUNG FU PANDA Baby & Young Tai Lung  Dreamworks Animation
BLEACH Rukia Kuchiki Cartoon Network/Viz Media
TUTENSTEIN Amisi Discovery Kids
CODE GEASS        Young Lelouch, Euphemia,
Arthur Kitty 
Bandai Ent
LUCKY STAR       Tsukasa  Bandai Ent
NARUTO Sasame Bandai Ent./Cartoon Network
IDATEN JUMP Yuki Hasbro/Cartoon Network
MAR Princess Snow Cartoon Network
DISGAEA Etna Atlus Entertainment
OVER THE HEDGE Talking Doll, Telephone Toy Dreamworks
DUALMASTERS Yu Mamma Cartoon Network
IGPX  Elisa / Various Cartoon Network
RAVEMASTER Eli (18 yr. old lead) Cartoon Network
THE OBLONGS Yvette / The Debbies Warner Bros. TV
GENERATION GIRL THEATRE Teen Barbie / French Friend Lara
SPEEDRACER X Speed’s Mom / Newscaster UPN/DIC Entertainment
COOL GIRLS Ice (20’s, sexy-cool lead) Sony PlayStation 2
DIGIMON (SEASON 3) Lopmon / Antylomon ABC / Fox Family
GUNDAM FORCE Shayla (12 yr. old girl) Cartoon Network
AKIRA 2001 Kaori (18 yr. old) Pioneer Entertainment

Falling Skies, Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, Lego Friends as Stephanie, The Lego Movie, Amazing Spiderman, Growlanser Wayfarer of Time, Resdient Evil "Revelations" and "Racoon City"as
Jill Valentine , Catherine: As Katherine, Marvel Vs Capcom: C. Viper, Sonic The Hedgehog: Cream The Rabbit, Saints Row III: Peds, Street Fighter IV, Guitar Hero World Tour, Magna Carta 2, Rogue Galaxy as Norma Kissleigh, Digimon 5 as Yuma, .hack Liminality vol. 1- vol. 4 as Mai Minase, Disgaea 2: Hour of Darkness, Rivera, Final Fantasy: Dirge of Cerberus, Talking Bratz Interactive Twin:  Nora, Lineage II, Ghost In The Shell, Outlaw Golf 2, Dynasty Warriors, Ravemaster, Cool Girls, Final Fantasy VI, Power Rangers, Power Rangers Hand Held Game, Picture Professor, Deluxe Dear Diary, Tiger Ed.-Power Pac PC, Final Fantasy XI

Hardees/Carl's Jr, Build A Bear & Friends 2B Made In Store Messaging, Sav-On, Monsters Inc., Hasbro, Post Hollyrock Cocoa & Fruity Pebbles, 9 Lives, Old Spice Red Zone, Buzzhits.Com, Barbie.Com, San Diego Zoo

Recent Matches: Amy Adams, Michelle Williams, Rooney Mara, Ann Romney

Feature Film: Peabody & Sherman, The Wind Rises, Epic, Carrie, Amazing Spiderman 2, Need for Speed. Godzilla 2014, Captain America

Current TV: Arrow, Masters of Sex, The Mindy Project, House of Cards, Ravenswood, Unforgettable. CSI Vegas

Kids, Teens &  Character Voices, Voice Matching, Revoicing, Baby cries and noises.
Dialects: Spanish, Italian, British, Eastern European, Regional American

Ginny McSwain, Sue Blu, Kris Zimmerman,
Andrea Romano, Charlie Adler

Kalmenson Working Pro 

Commercial VO
Jodi Gottlieb

Promo VO
Sandy Holt

VO & Cold Reading/Improv
Second City , Improv Olympic, Players Workshop
Improv (Chicago)

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